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How do I Find Products on the website?

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Method 1:

Using the Search field in the header at the top of the site is the easiest way of searching for products.

Start by typing a part of the name of the product or item that you want to search for where it says: “Start typing here to search…”.

You will see results coming back after a few seconds. Keep in mind that the more detail you type in the more accurate the search will be.


Be patient. It takes a few seconds to start displaying the results.

Method 2:

Using the Shop page to search allows the user to refine searches based on Category, Price and/or Stock Status.

Start by clicking on the “Online Shop” link in the menu.

After a few seconds of loading the Shop Page will appear.


You will be able to type the initial search terms into the “PRODUCT SEARCH” textbox at the left hand side of the page just underneath the “HOME” menu item. This works exactly the same as the Search Field at the top of the site. Alternatively, scroll down until the desired Product Category (also on the left hand side in the PC browser, and at the bottom in a mobile browser) is found. After clicking on the category the page will reload and all the products in the category will be displayed.

You may now use the “Filter by Price” slider by clicking on one of the slider buttons and dragging it left and right to to filter out products not in the price range. Now click on the “Filter” button below it and wait a few seconds while it applies the filter. “Filter by Stock Status” directly below it can be used to display only In Stock or Out of Stock items.

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